Menu of Kwan Luck Restaurant

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Appetizers 頭盤類

Late Night Menu 打冷宵夜

Soup 湯類

Seafood 海鮮類

Chicken & Duck 雞鴨類

Pork 豬肉類

Beef 牛肉類

Egg Foo Yong 蛋類

Tofu 豆腐類

Vegetables 蔬菜類

Curry 咖哩類

Hot Pot 煲仔類

Chow Mein & Rice Noodle 粉麵類

Fried Rice & Steamed Rice 炒飯 燴飯

Rice in Soup 泡飯類

Noodle in Soup 湯麵

Congee 粥類

Chef's Specialties 主廚推薦

Clay Pot with Rice 煲仔飯

Specialties Dishes

Combos 套餐

Beverages 飲料